The desire for security and the feeling of insecurity are the same thing. To hold your breath is to lose your breath. A society based on the quest for security is nothing but a breath-retention contest in which everyone is as taut as a drum and as purple as a beet.
Alan Watts, The Wisdom of Insecurity

If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor.

If an elephant has its foot on the tail of a mouse and you say that you are neutral, the mouse will not appreciate your neutrality.

Desmond Tutu


You are rest for my soul, a surprising joy for my bitterness.

Imagination has never imagined what you give to me.

The sound of someone whistling in the street, or asking questions, if that person brings word of you, those sounds are worth more than all the world’s poetry.

There is nothing I want but your presence. In friendship, time dissolves.

Life is a cup. This connection is pure wine. What else are cups for? I used to have twenty thousand different desires.

The unseen king said once on Sinai, You shall not see me. But even though he said that he was not, I have filled the essence of that he with my soul.

The Christian Trinity, the Zoroastrian light-and-dark, I absorb them all.

Though my body has not noticed, union has begun to see a new way to be.

Grown old with grief and longing, when someone says Tabriz, I am young again.


Forgiveness prayer

My Lord (or insert <deity> here),

If _______ has in any way injured me, I forgive him/her.
If I have injured _______ in any way, I ask forgiveness.

May _______ be joyful.
May _______ be peaceful.
May _______ be free of pain and suffering. May _______ be liberated.
May _______ live in loving kindness.

May I be joyful.
May I be peaceful.
May I be free of pain and suffering. May I be liberated.
May I live in loving kindness. 


Here are some quotes on forgiveness from Marianne Williamson in A Return to Love.

To forgive is merely to remember only the loving thoughts you gave in the past, and those that were given you. All the rest must be forgotten.

Forgiveness is the choice to see people as they are now. When we are angry at people, we are angry because of something they said or did before this moment. But what people said or did is not who they are. Relationships are reborn as we let go perceptions of our brother’s past. ‘By bringing the past into the present, we create a future just like the past.’ By letting the past go, we make room for miracles.